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Everyone is welcome in every class. The more often you take class, the more quickly your body will become balanced. Come as you are and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Don't delay. Take class and start feeling better today.

Thursday 4:30 pm is now an Intermediate Yoga Class

The Intermediate class is a bridge between the Bikram Beginners class and the advanced series of the same lineage. This class is recommended for students who love the Bikram method and have the desire to further develop their practice and explore new postures. Because we rely on familiarity with the postures that are practiced in the 26&2 sequence, we ask that students who join us in the Intermediate class currently practice three or more times a week. Class is 90 minutes and the room is heated to 100.

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Fall Events
30 Day Challenge
30 classes in 30 days (Bikram or Pilates)
September 1st- 30th
One double a week permitted, regular rates apply.

a note from our studio owners

I went to my first Bikram yoga class at the urging of my mother. I left the room after 90 minutes sweaty, exhausted, and knowing my life would never be the same. You don’t need to be flexible, strong, or fit to start Bikram yoga. All you need is the desire to become a healthier, happier version of you.

You’ve already taken the first step by visiting our website. Please look around the site for more information about Bikram yoga and our studio, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. When you are ready to take the next step and make the commitment to your own wellness, we’ll see you at the studio!


I am from a perfect triangle in North America 😉; born in New Orleans, raised in San Francisco and now raising an active family in Vermont.  I am a mother, a wife and a Global Citizen. My life demands balance and strength!I was exposed to, and practiced a lot of different forms of fitness and therapy before walking into a Hot Room.  But what I found was balance, harmony and happiness.  Bikram's series of twenty-six asanas and two breathing exercises is the secret sauce 🔥!  

Here we practice yoga – a union of mind, body and Spirit.  We "concentrate and meditate".  We calm our minds, strengthen our bodies and open our hearts. I know you have many choices in wellness and fitness. I know life is full of challenges and triumphs.  At BYUV, we are a passionate community of practitioners and welcome you wherever you are in your practice, and in your journey, on the path to health and wellness. Namaste. Contact Maggie at